About us

We are CCI: A group of young and committed activists based in Cologne.

We are united by a desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, limit the rate of climate change, and to promote climate justice. We therefore see it as our responsibility to push for more effective international climate policies and to hold countries to their commitments.

Our proposed policies are based on findings from climate and cooperation research and on principles of social justice. By establishing a Climate Alliance, with the EU, USA, and China at its core we ultimately hope to reach an agreement for cooperative solutions – both through dialogue with political decision makers and through public debate. As a non-profit association made up of voluntary members, we make a point of acting in a non-partisan, independent, and transparent manner. We work according to non-profit principles and are financed by donations and membership fees.

We want to take our future into our own hands. Help us to spread our message!

Carl, 24


Paula, 21

Vorstand/ Sprecherin

David, 20

Vorstand/ Kassierer

Anna, 24


Rebecca, 24


Anna, 25


Antoine, 20



Wir treffen uns jeden Montag um 18:30 Uhr über Zoom. 

Wir freuen uns immer über neue Gesichter, also schreibe uns gerne eine Email wenn du bei uns mal vorbei schauen willst!