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Vision Statement

The earth is our home - unique, beautiful, but also vulnerable.   Little by little, we are destroying our home and that of billions of other living beings as well. The consequences of climate change are no longer just a vague threat, but rather a concrete crisis which poses a real threat for all of us. Measures taken so far are insufficient, the Paris Agreement is not enough to limit average global temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Hardly any of the participating countries will meet their self-imposed climate targets. What we need is cooperation that really works.

Our demands

We call for compliance with the 1.5°C target:

1. The German government must advocate a global minimum CO2 price in the EU, vis-à-vis China and vis-à-vis the USA.
2. To this end, Europe should form a climate alliance with the USA, China and all other interested countries.
3. Countries that do not join the climate alliance should be subject to climate tariffs.

We demand climate justice:

4. Part of the revenues generated from the CO2 price should be transferred to a Climate Cooperation Fund. This should be used to support economically weaker countries that join the Climate Alliance on their way to climate neutrality.
5. Through technology partnerships, knowledge transfers and the release of patents, economically weaker countries will be supported in building a sustainable economy.

Global crises require global solutions. Climate Cooperation Now!


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